Niger researchers design frame for measuring good governance

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Niger researchers have designed a software for analysing and assessing good governance, a member of the research team hinted Monday.
The measurement, which the research team said would help refine Human Development Index analysis, was designed within 12 months.
The team comprising experts in the social sciences, economics, law, computer programming and statistics, affirm that the tool makes it possible to measure governance based on components defined by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), including the political, economic, administrative and local governance.
They said the instrument would make it possible to come up with a classification of states, groups of states or regions in terms of governing performance.
The software's package includes a manual of 100 pages explaining the measurement pattern and a set of software to analyse and quantify governance.
The kit also includes a CD presenting the analysis and measurement method, as well as a grid of indicators' code.
The equipment, now ready for use, was tested several times in the UNDP offices in Niamey.
The invention was embarked upon after the UNDP asked the researchers to carry out an analysis of governance in Niger as part of a regional project to analyse governance capacities in Africa.

25 june 2001 20:19:00

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