Niger prepares anti-dope plan for Francophonie games

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Niger has formulated a plan to prevent doping among athletes during the 5th Francophonie Games to be held in Niamey in December 2005.
The plan was prepared during a meeting devoted to an inventory of specific health problems in Niger, which was held in Niamey under the auspices of the Conference of Youth Ministers of Member States of the Francophonie (CONFEJES).
After providing training to leaders of sports associations and sports writers, the CONFEJES in collaboration with Niger's National Francophonie Committee (CNJF) organised that meeting to equip the local health sector with a plan to prevent doping.
CONFEJES charged a retired French army general, Maurice Vrillac, who has attended a number of Olympic Games and toured several African countries, with the task of spearheading the anti-dope plan.
Among other things, the 2o doctors who attended the meeting recommended the upgrading of certain hospitals to international standards, the training of medical personnel and the creation of a working group to finalise the health documents for the 5th Francophonie games.

23 june 2004 18:21:00

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