Niger journalists to set up Press Centre

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Managing Editors and Editors-in-Chief of media houses in Niger, have decided to set up a Press Centre in Niamey, the private daily "Tenere Express" reported.
It is to co-ordinate communication and dialogue among journalists.
The Centre will also help to negotiate the price, purchase and distribution of newsprint, films and other items needed by journalists in the gathering and dissemination of news.
Niger's private press has been boosted by the democratisation process following the national conference in 1991.
Since the conference, several news organisations especially in the print media, a news agency and periodic publications have been launched.
However, most of the publications only survived for a year and disappeared due to the lack of funds mainly from advertisements, small circulation and a low purchasing power on the part of readers.
Only the private daily, "Le Republicain," whose publisher has a printing press, is regular on the news-stands.

03 july 2001 10:07:00

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