Niger government complains of limited means

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Niger Prime Minister Hama Amadou has noted that even at two dollars a day per patient, the government in Niamey cannot meet the expenses required for all AIDS sufferers in the country.
Amadou, who spoke upon returning from the World AIDS Summit held in New York last week, said "the intervention of a Global Fund is vital," adding that "the availability of medicines in Africa is equally vital, but at much lower prices.
" The Prime Minister said Niger indicated at the New York meeting that it would contribute 50,000 US dollars to the Global Fund.
"It is a symbolic amount, but shows Niger's commitment to the fight against AIDS despite our difficult financial situation," Amadou told reporters.
According to the Prime Minister, estimates in Niger put the prevalence rate at 1.
4 per cent, compared to 35 per cent in Botswana, 20 per cent in South Africa and 10 per cent in Cote d'Ivoire.
"This means that the scourge is not yet rampant here, but it may explode at any time," he cautioned.
According to UNAIDS, there were 65,000 HIV-positive people in Niger at the end of 1999, out of a population of nine million at the 1988 census.
In Niger AIDS is under the responsibility of the President's Office, which has set up a commission to define State policy on the scourge.

03 july 2001 14:21:00

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