Niger, Nigeria agree to curb border insecurity

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Niger and Nigerian authorities have agreed to join forces to fight insecurity on their common borders, after a week-long meeting of their joint Commission in Niamey.
"Within the framework of co-operation on cross-border security, our two States will pursue their efforts to curb crime along the common border," Niger Foreign Affairs and African Integration Minister, Nassirou Sabo, said at the end of the meeting Wednesday.
To this end, he said the "Interior Ministers of the two countries will inaugurate joint border patrol and organise a joint tour along the border in the months ahead.
" In addition to issues of security, experts from the two countries examined various co-operation areas aimed at improving the living conditions of the their peoples.
On desertification, both countries agreed to develop technical and scientific co-operation with a view to encouraging the production and promotion of economic trees such as gum and date palm.
They also decided to intensify, along with other countries in the sub-region, the fight against water hyacinth and related anti-marine plants.
Road transport, telecommunications, cultural and technical co-operation, were also examined by the experts.
Nigeria and Niger enjoy cordial relations, with flourishing trade along their 1,500km-long border.

08 june 2001 16:11:00

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