Niger, Mali agree to jointly control border insecurity

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- Authorities in Niger and Mali have agreed to join efforts to control the phenomenon of residual insecurity at their common border, Niger prime minister Hama Amadou said.
Amadou, back in Niamey on Thursday from Bamako where he attended the Pan African Capacity Building Forum, said he held discussions with Malian president Alpha Oumar Konare on the issue.
Residual insecurity at the common border is due to "the absence of the State", Amadou explained, but said Konare has instructed the Malian interior minister to meet with his Niger counterpart to find solutions to the problem.
In view of similarities between both countries, Amadou suggested that a framework of exchange be set up for "strong cooperation" to tackle insecurity.
"I think that the quality of relations between our two countries and between Presidents Konare and Tandja will help us progress in our common efforts to reduce our common difficulties," he added.
Former rebels who have become gangsters or highwaymen because they are unable to reintegrate into society cause persistent insecurity.

26 october 2001 22:42:00

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