Nguesso, Deby discuss Darfur crisis

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- Touched by continued reports of deteriorating humanitarian situation in Darfur, Congolese president, Denis Sassou Nguesso urged the international community to intensify involvement in the crisis to stop it from destabilise neighbouring countries.
"The press reports this morning depicted sad news at the border between Sudan and Chad.
It's a serious situation that calls for the mobilisation of CEEAC, the African Union and the United Nations.
I think this situation must be taken seriously," Sassou Nguesso said at a joint press conference with Chadian counterpart, Idriss Deby.
Sassou Nguesso welcomed the cease-fire concluded between the Darfur rebellion and the Sudanese government through Chadian mediation.
Nguesso, who is current chairman of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC), promised to involve the community in the mediation process to find a lasting solution to the crisis.
Later, President Deby expressed "concerns" about the militia operating in Southern Sudan which shares borders with three Central African countries.
"Beside our efforts to help the Sudanese people reconcile, it's a pity to note that attacks are being made inside Chad, by a strongly armed but also strongly organised militia.
This becomes cause for concern, for it must be known that Sudan shares borders with CEEAC countries such as Chad, the Central African Republic, and the DR Congo," he pointed out.
Deby was on a brief working visit in Brazzaville to inform CEEAC chairman Nguesso about the results obtained by the Chadian mediation on the Darfur crisis.
In view of this danger that is awaiting CEEAC countries, the two leaders recommended in a joint communiqué the involvement of the Community in the follow-up committee set up following the signing of a cease-fire between the parties in conflict.
While calling for international cooperation to fight this scourge, Sassou Nguesso and Idriss Deby have reaffirmed the role of the United Nations "as a privileged framework" for dialogue and conflict settlement.
Regarding the situation in Central Africa, they reaffirmed their commitment to the ideals of peace and reiterated support to the various peace processes under way in the continent, namely in Burundi, in the Central African Republic and DR Congo.

06 may 2004 22:54:00

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