New maize meal makes its mark in Southern Africa

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South African children as a whole consume just 67-percent of the recommended dietary intake of nutrients and nearly half of all long-distance truck drivers are night blind because of deficiency in vitamin A.
These are just some of the startling nutritional facts and figures provided by AfricaFoods, which has the world distribution rights for e-Pap, which is fast gaining popularity.
The formula consists of maize meal, soya, flavouring and a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates.
Developed specifically to address malnutrition, hunger and poverty, it ensures that a 100-gram daily ration will give a person vital minerals and vitamins.
It comes in vanilla, banana and chocolate flavours and is mixed with clean cold or lukewarm water to ensure that vital nutrients are not destroyed.
The consistency can range from a milkshake to a thick porridge.
Some prefer it with milk.
Orders, which have doubled each month since e-Pap was introduced in July last year, are also coming in from Senior Citizen homes and crèches.
Typically, the formula is sold at the Peri-Natal Clinic at Baragwanath and the UN Development Programme is using e-Pap in Swaziland.
   The porridge is sold through a direct marketing network by community based entrepreneurs.
The franchise rights are free and agents are selling throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

21 may 2002 16:29:00

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