New York airports shut down again

New York- United States (PANA) -- New York area airports have been shut down again after being reopened for a few hours Thursday in the aftermath of Tuesday's terror attacks in New York and Washington D.
The closing of the J.
Kennedy International Airport, La Guardia Airport and Newark Airport in New Jersey, followed the detention of some suspects and the arrest of a man who had tried to beat security posing as a pilot at the gateways.
Among the lucky beneficiaries of the brief airport opening on Thursday was the Nigerian Airways/South African Airways New York-Lagos flight, which had failed to take off Tuesday.
But with the latest closure, it is not likely that more international flights would be allowed into the Northeast area of the US this week.
Information Friday morning indicated that some 10 men had been detained at Kennedy and La Guardia airports for questioning.
Some of the men were reportedly carrying knives, the kind of weapons used by the terrorists who hijacked four planes for Tuesday's attacks.
The suspect caught with false pilot's identification was said to have been scheduled to fly to Los Angeles Tuesday, before the flight was cancelled.
But the man changed route Thursday, and was trying to board a flight to San Jose, also in California when he was intercepted as ticket counter staff alerted airport security about him.
Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, has also been closed infinitely.
It was from Dulles that the aircraft that was crashed into the Pentagon took off Tuesday.
Meanwhile, in New York, bomb scares, most of them hoaxes, have become the order of the day since the terrorist attacks.
On Thursday, Grand Central Terminal, a major train station that serves as the hub of train service within and out of the city, was evacuated following a bomb alert.
But life began to normalise from Thursday in New York with entry now allowed into Manhattan, the city's economic hub.

14 september 2001 16:01:00

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