Naval battles increase on Lake Tanganyika

Bujumbura- Bujumbura (PANA) -- The Burundi marine last Wednesday sank a boat carrying rebels and seriously damaged another during violent clashes on Lake Tanganyika, the private radio station, Bonesha FM, reported Friday.
According to the radio, reports of the fighting were revealed by the Burundi army spokesman, Col.
Augustin Nzabampena, who did not disclose the death toll on both sides.
Due to an increase of such incidents on Lake Tanganyika, Burundian authorities on Thursday prohibited fishermen from engaging in their activities on the lake.
This has led to the soaring of fish prices since Friday at the main market in Bujumbura, where the commodity is getting scarce.
A fishmonger at the market defended himself telling clients that he was not to blame for the rising prices, explaining that this was another consequence of the war.
Fish consumers are expected to miss the vital commodity Amid rising pressure by rebels against Rumonge, the country's main fishing town, about 20-km south-west of Bujumbura.
Meanwhile, one person was killed and several others were wounded Thursday when government troops attacked rebel positions.

15 september 2001 15:39:00

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