Namibia's chess championship results

Windhoek- Namibia (PANA) -- Namibian Champion Helmut Leichner and Charles Eichab shared the spoils in the Namibian Closed Chess Championship that took place in the capital over the weekend.
Leichner and Eichab, who finished the competition on 6.
5 points each as joint winners, shared the first place honours, while junior player, Wynand Oosthuizen, ended second with 4.
5 points.
The joint winners were both part of the Namibian Olympic team which competed in Turkey last year, finishing 109th out of 126 countries.
By ending joint winners at the Closed Championships, the two have already booked preliminary places in the Namibian team for the 2004 Olympics in Athens in Greece.
Max Nitzborn finished third with four points, while Preston Dausab and Paul Dausab ended fourth and fifth respectively.
Windhoek Optics has been sponsoring the Open and Closed Championships in the last 10 years.

17 september 2001 20:44:00

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