Namibia rallies behind compensation call

Windhoek- Namibia, PANA -- With only a few days before the conference on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance begins in Durban, South Africa, Namibia has restated its resolve to press for reparations for slavery and colonialism.
President Sam Nujoma Tuesday reiterated that his government's position, which is in line with other African states, is for powers or nations, that were involved in the enslavement of the African people to recognise slavery as a crime against humanity.
Speaking at a special ceremony marking the Heroes' Day, Nujoma said such states must endeavour to pay compensation and reparation to the victims and descendants of the Slave Trade.
The country's Prime Minister, Hage Geingob, had at an earlier meeting echoed the same sentiments, insisting that calls for compensation, reparations and a genuine apology should not be regarded as high-handed.
He said if Africa was today still mired in underdevelopment, it was partly because the continent's natural resources were carted off during the Slave Trade and colonialism to enrich America and Europe.
Geingob said the modalities through which reparations could be paid could be worked out later.

28 august 2001 17:02:00

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