NGOs submit platform to WCAR conference

Durban- South Africa (PANA) -- The NGO meeting that preceded and later continued alongside the racism conference in Durban Wednesday urged States attending the forum to recommend reparations for past crimes, regardless of their form.
The NGO meeting, however, had trouble reaching a compromise on its declaration, as Jewish groups and delegates from western Europe and the east were opposed to certain positions.
That notwithstanding, the final declaration went ahead to reassert "the right of Palestinians to self-determination and to return to their homeland in conformity with UN resolutions".
The declaration lays the emphasis on "human rights violations and discrimination".
It asserts that "indigenous peoples hold individual and collective rights including the right to self-determination and the right to pass ancestral territories and identities onto future generations".
In particular, the NGOs advocate "self-determination for the peoples of Martinique and Guadeloupe still under French rule".
The NGOs, which want their declaration integrated unaltered into the decisions of the Durban conference, equate trafficking in human beings with contemporary racism.
They indicted Mauritania, Sudan, Cameroon and Niger as among African countries where such trafficking persists with impunity.

06 september 2001 22:02:00

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