NGOs plan African Commission for conflict resolution

Lome- Togo (PANA) -- Representatives of several NGOs began a meeting in Lome Monday for the formation of an African conflict mediation and resolution Commission.
The meeting organised by "Pax Perpetua" Community, which is involved in the promotion of peace in Africa, is under the theme "Armed Conflicts in Africa, Diplomacy and Prevention.
" Organisers say the three-day meeting will examine the root causes of conflicts on the continent and how to prevent them.
Participants are to "identify new approaches and methods," on conflict prevention applied by non-governmental organisations.
The delegates from Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Gabon, will discuss four major topics including: "African Conflicts: Identification and Challenges, Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo," "Conflict Prevention," "Conflict Resolution" and "Democracy: a Condition for the Establishment of Peace.
" Robert Dussey, chairman of Pax Perpetua, told the opening session that his organisation is working on the theory that conflict prevention and resolution initiatives have always been taken by governments without the involvement of the civil society.
He said the fact that one third of African countries is currently divided by conflicts, prompted the symposium, for better involvement of NGOs alongside governments, in identifying new ways for conflict resolution on the conflict.
While affirming his faith in the African Union, whose Constitutive Act went into force 26 May, Dussey said the people must be vigilant to ensure that more progress is achieved compared to the OAU.
In his contribution, Togo's Integration Minister Joseph Kokou Koffigoh, blamed conflicts in Africa partly on greed and the struggle for wealth.
He also condemned the circulation of small arms on the continent and stressed the need to end the violence raging on the continent.

11 june 2001 22:29:00

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