Muslim women against Mali's new family code

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- The National Union of the Associations of Muslim Women in Africa (UNAFEM) has criticised a controversial new marriage and family code proposed by the Malian Women Advancement Ministry.
The code, submitted several months ago for national debate "must be suspended to facilitate an in-depth reflection that takes into account our social realities," UNAFEM President Tahara Drave told more than 200 delegates to the Association's meeting in Bamako Saturday.
UNAFEM said it is opposed to several provisions of the code, including those on religious marriage, adding that Muslim women also wanted the creation of a Ministry of Religious Affairs in the country.
The women are also demanding the establishment of a unit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to cater to needs of Malian pilgrims in the Holy land.
They further urged the Malian government to "make greater efforts" in support of the struggle by Palestinians and the Iraqi people.

10 Junho 2001 16:57:00

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