Mugabe in Egypt, harassed by three Europeans

Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt (PANA) -- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe here Monday h ad a heated exchange with three Europeans, whose identity or profession were not disclosed, as they accosted him on his way out of the plenary session of the on- g oing African Union heads of state summit.
Witnesses to the incident told PANA that two of the Europeans, one of whom was c arrying a digital camera, intercepted Mugabe upon leaving the conference room an d they engaged him in discussions.
Suddenly, the source added, one of the Europeans raised his voice without any pe rceptible reason, while the other one kept filming quietly.
The President's bodyguard, at this stage, intervened, trying to repel the Europe an, who had come closer to his boss, but he was ignored by the European, who kep t heckling the Zimbabwean president, forcing him to retrace his steps back into t h e conference room.
It was at this point that a third European emerged and he in turn heckled Mugabe , who resigned to fate before the intervention of an Egyptian security guard who came in between the trio.
Following the Egyptian security guard's intervention, the Zimbabwean President j oined others in the room while the three Europeans quietly returned to their pla c e, the source said.

30 juin 2008 19:47:00

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