Mozambique told to be aware of racism

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- A Mozambican political and foreign affairs analyst, Belmiro Rudolfo on Wednesday said that the country should watch out for the occurrence of any ethno-racial tendencies in order to prevent the explosion of pockets of "intolerance" that could lead to all sorts of conflicts.
Rudolfo, the director of the country's Centre for Strategic and International Studies said that Mozambique was rather lucky in regards to the race- and ethnic-related issues which occur in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Mozambique news agency quoted Rudolfo as warning that the country should not lie complacent since "if nothing is done we can head to serious conflicts of ethnic, religion and even racial motivation".
He stressed that because the Constitution allows for free speech it is now possible to see ethno-racial practices.
Speaking to journalists at the end of a national seminar on racism and other forms of discrimination, Rudolfo called for the adoption of relevant legislation which incorporates sanctions against racial practices and other forms of discrimination.
The judicial system must also be prepared to answer to the demands of the legislation, he said.
"We know that our justice system is rather discredited to a certain point.
The existence of the law is not enough, it's necessary that the justice administration system guarantees that the law indeed serves the society".
Society must also be either formally or informally educated on the issue so as to be ready to give its contribution in the fight against racial tendencies, he added.
Rudolfo said the seminar also tried to enrich Mozambique's position to an International Conference on Racism and Other Forms of Discrimination to be held in the South African city of Durban from 31 August to 7 September.

01 august 2001 19:01:00

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