Mozambique's Labour Ministry warns against racism in employment

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- The Mozambican Labour Ministry has warned the press against publishing advertisements by companies seeking to use racial criteria to recruit staff.
A release by the Ministry cited a "racist advert" which appeared in the daily "Noticias" 24 February linked with a hotel and catering outfit, seeking to recruit "a couple of white race, preferably of Portuguese origin, with knowledge and experience in the hotel industry.
" The Ministry warned that it was illegal and unconstitutional to restrict employment to any particular racial group.
Mozambique's 1998 Labour Law stipulates that the right to work is "for all citizens, without discrimination.
" The Ministry urged all employers to respect the law - not only by ensuring that their adverts were not discriminatory, but also that the selection process was scrupulously legal.
   It said the media should not connive in "acts that violate citizens' rights.
" They should refuse to publish racist adverts, and denounce employers who try to place them, the release added.

03 march 2005 23:39:00

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