Mozambican communities to be involved in fight against AIDS

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- Mozambican communities should be effectively involve d in the fight against HIV/AIDS since their exclusion could cause some social an d economic instability in the country, the country's association of networks agai n st the pandemic said Friday.
At the opening session of a National Civil Society Conference on HIV/AIDS, Alice Ripanga, chairperson of MONASO (Mozambican Association of Networks against HIV/ A IDS), stressed that fighting AIDS must involve measures to halt the spread of th e epidemic, which in turn involved understanding the conditions under which Mozam b ican communities live.
Echoing the conclusions reached by the Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa in its final report (presented to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon four d a ys ago), Ripanga stressed that AIDS posed multiple problems, and there could be n o single solution valid for all countries.
"One cannot imagine that the measures recommended by many global health initiati ves can have good results if there is no internal capacity at individual, househ o ld, community and national level to check the infections," she said.
Ripanga added that she was sure that Mozambique could wage a successful battle a gainst AIDS, if it took seriously the goal of providing universal access to meth o ds of prevention and treatment, and if there were joint efforts and greater coordination amongst all the forces fighting the disease.
She based her optimism on the United Nations reports of a decline in the number of new HIV infections.
There were reportedly 3.
2 million new infections in 1998, but this had fallen to 2.
5 million in 2007.
"This data fills us with courage to continue to believe that, with joint efforts and better coordination, the battle can be won", Ripanga declared.

13 june 2008 18:58:00

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