Motorcycle accidents kill more on Tanzanian roads

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) - Hard times have made motorcycles the most popular means of transport in Tanzania, but of late many of their riders have found their journeys ending up in hard falls, according to records of the road traffic police here.

The number of motorcycle accidents and people killed as a result was increasing at an unprecedented pace, with more than 500 human
lives lost between January and September this year, said Tanzania Police Commissioner of Operations Paul Changoja.

About 10,000 accidents occurred countrywide during the period and 3,407 people were injured in motorcyle accidents, compared
with 2,199 injuries and 407 deaths recorded in 2009.

Attributing the crashes to reckless driving and unqualified motorcycle riders, the official told journalists: “We have worked out a strategy
that will help us get rid of unqualified motorcyclists and save people’s lives.” Changoja did not elaborate on the strategy.

Meanwhile, the same official said the crime rate in the country dropped this year, compared to past years, mainly due to introduction of
community policing.

Changoja said between January and November 2010, person to person offences decreased from 11,611 in 2009 to 10,434 incidents while
crimes related to property dropped from 68,853 to 62,605 nationwide.
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23 december 2010 09:34:12

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