Moroccan tennis star Younès El Aynaoui denies cannabis use

Rabat- Morocco (PANA) -- Morocco's leading tennis star, Younes El Aynaoui, who plays for the Sporting Club Geovillage in Italy, has categorically denied claims that he took THC (cannabis) as alleged by the Italian sports Medicine Federation.
"I was very surprised that the Italian Sports Medicine Federation issued a statement according to which I was found positive of THC (cannabis) on 3 December 2005 in Italy," El Aynaoui indicated in a release issued Tuesday by the Moroccan News Agency, MAP.
The Italian Sports Medicine Federation had said on Monday that El Aynaoui had tested positive to THC during an anti-dope checking in the course of the Italian championship per team.
"I wish to stress that I have never consumed or used that substance.
On the other hand, that organisation has not contacted me to tell me anything concerning myself.
In addition, the chairman of the anti-doping commission of the Italian Tennis Federation whom I contacted the same day, also told me that he was not aware of these allegations," the Moroccan tennis player argued.
"The non-respect by the Italian Sports Medicine Federation of the current procedures in the ATP and national federation is a deliberate attempt to cause harm for unknown reasons," he added.
El Aynaoui said that he reserved the right to defend his interests in accordance with existing laws against those behind the rumour.

24 january 2006 20:49:00

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