Moroccan peacekeepers arrive in eastern DR Congo

Kigali- Rwanda (PANA) -- A contingent of 116 Moroccan soldiers arrived in Goma in eastern DR Congo (DRC) this weekend, UN officials in Goma said Sunday.
The contingent joined another 107 Moroccans who arrived in the rebel-held town earlier Thursday, as the UN continues its peacekeeping deployment DR Congo to help implement the Lusaka peace accord signed in 1999 by all parties in the conflict.
Another contingent of more than 300 Moroccan soldiers were deployed in the mineral-rich town of Kisangani, in north-eastern DR Congo last month.
"The deployment in the areas under our control is now complete and the operation is now terminated," said Joseph Mudumbi, head of the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD), which controls much of eastern Congo.
The task of the UN peacekeepers, who are also deployed in areas under government control, is to guard UN supplies and equipment and protect observers overseeing the cease-fire in DR Congo.
The arrival in Goma of the Moroccan troops coincided with the visit there of Kinshasa-based Ambassadors of UN Security Council permanent member countries - France, the US, China, the UK, Russia - to assess the disengagement.
On another front, Mudumbi warned against what he intimated were moves by some western states to rush Congo into UN- supervised early presidential elections "in a bid to impose Joseph Kabila as president before the inter-Congolese dialogue.
" He said "the Congolese people would [this time] not be hoodwinked as they were in 1965 when young Joseph Desire Mobutu was imposed by colonial masters.
" Although the visiting Ambassadors dismissed such reports as mere rumour, the RCD rebels warned that any attempt at imposing Joseph Kabila through fake elections would mean a resumption of war and the partition of Congo.

13 may 2001 15:55:00

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