Moroccan Mohammed VI appoints Driss Jettou Prime Minister

Rabat- Morocco (PANA) -- Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Wednesday appointed the former minister of the Interior Driss Jettou as new Prime Minister, the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) reported.
The appointment of the "technocrat" who does not belong to any political party came as surprise because the entire political class expected the post would go to a leader of one of the main parties.
Under the Moroccan constitution, the monarch is entitled to choose a Prime Minister, usually from the majority parliamentary party to head the executive wing of government.
Jettou, a leading industrialist who entered politics in 1993, replaced Abderrahmane Youssoufi, the first secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) who headed the previous governmental coalition since April 1998.
According to MAP, King Mohammed VI directed Jettou to "initiate wide-scale consultations with the different political parties with the view to forming (.
) a governmental majority backing an action programme likely to meet the real expectations of the Moroccan people".
Morocco "needs the commitment of all the political sensibilities in the country and the involvement of the nation's best children in the management of public affairs," reads part of the Royal Palace's statement announcing the appointment.
During his maiden audience with the new Prime Minister, King Mohamed VI stressed the need "to set up a government of action with clear priorities and guided by efficiency.
A hard-working government that is close to the people and mindful of their aspirations".
Jettou started his political career in 1993 when the late King Hassan II appointed him to be the minister of Trade and Industry.
Between 1993 and 1998, he occupied several ministerial posts, including that of Finance.
He was appointed Interior minister on 19 September 2001 in the governmental coalition headed by Youssoufi.
He retained this post until Wednesday's promotion as head of government.
Born in 1945 at El Jadida, 170 km south of Rabat, Jettou is a physics graduate and also holds several other management degrees.

09 octobre 2002 20:37:00

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