More troops deployed to troubled Mindouli

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The Congo Armed Forces (FAC) Tuesday despatched additional troops to Mindouli, some 200-km south of Brazzaville, to prop up security in the troubled city, the official radio reported.
Mindouli was scene of the 19-20 May clashes between the army and armed men identified as ex-militia of former Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas.
At least two civilians and one soldier died in the clashes, which forced an estimated 30,000 inhabitants of the area to take refuge in the forest, before returning to their houses 22 May.
The FAC has described the armed men as "young perverts," but the violence is causing security concerns.
During the last civil war, Mindouli, which borders the province of Bas-Congo in DR Congo, was a base of Kolelas' "Ninjas.
" The city was recaptured by government troops after heavy fighting.

12 june 2001 23:47:00

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