More pregnant women in Cameroon under ARV therapy

Yaoundé- Cameroon (PANA) -- Access to the antiretroviral (ARV) drugs by pregnant women in Cameroon has increased considerably, vaulting from 9% in 2006 to 50.
5% i n 2008, according to the AIDS Control Division of the country's Public Health mi n istry.
According to the ministry, the rate of children born to HIV-positive mothers und er ARV therapy is 38.
7% this year against the 8.
9% in 2006, and the number of ch i ldren aged less than 15 under ARV therapy increased from 210 in 2006 to 2,090 th i s year.
The number of sick adults under ARV therapy, which was 11,769 in 2005, has incre ased to 53,238 in 2008.
The highest number of HIV positive people is reported from the Central region wi th 113,775 cases, and the lowest is in the Southern region with only 1,003 cases .
For Daniel Ekoua, head of the HIV/AIDS Division, this progress is the result of a more aggressive health policy nationwide.
In addition, the report revealed that 84 out of the country's 155 health distric ts (about 49%) have ARV therapy centres for children, 106 heath districts (about 69%) for adults, and 129 heath districts for mother-to-child transmission preven t ion units.
Ekoua stressed that the Cameroonian government would increase nationwide the int erventions of the HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment Programme (PST) both a t hospital and community levels, so as to reinforce operational research, monito r ing/evaluation, epidemiologic surveillance, and that of HIV resistance to ARV dr u gs.

21 november 2008 16:36:00

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