More die from gunshot wounds in Malawi

Blantyre- Malawi (PANA) -- At least two people die of gunshot wounds per week in Malawi due to an influx of assault rifles, an orthopaedic surgeon at Lilongwe Central Hospital has revealed.
Steve Mannion said Monday that the proliferation of weapons from abroad and the use of assault rifles such as AK 47 to stop criminals by the Malawi Police, have caused an increase in the number of people who die from gunshot wounds complications.
He said assault riffles caused severe injuries, unlike light handguns used by the police in developed countries.
Mannion said a flourishing illegal firearms trade in the country has also led to an increase in armed robbery, and resulted in many people being shot by robbers.
He said the weapons were finding their way into Malawi from other African countries embroiled in civil war.
In a related development, Mannion said Malawi has only three orthopaedic surgeons, with the surgeons working under severe pressure.
He blamed the shortage on "brain drain," saying that many Malawian surgeons trained abroad preferred to work outside the country because of a better pay.

23 october 2001 14:13:00

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