More HIV patients in Benin benefit from ARVs

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- The number of HIV-positive people with access to antiret roviral drugs (ARVs) in Benin leapt from 400 in 2002 to 11,350 last September, a c cording to official figures published on Monday in Cotonou.
The publication released on the occasion of World HIV/AIDS Day on Monday said th e management of the patients was being done at 62 locations countrywide, up from 48 in 2007 and 3 in 2002.
At the same time, the number of HIV screening stations went up from 93 in 2005 t o 107 this year.
According to official figures, HIV prevalence stands at 1.
2 per cent, but the ra te is much higher in towns than at the countryside.
The rate of prevalence among sex workers plummeted from 55 per cent in 1999 to 2 5.
5 per cent in 2008.
The country has nearly 80,000 HIV-positive people, most of who are below 40 years of age.
The establishment of therapies started in February 2002 and was declared free of charge in December 2004.
The national budget has allocated 400 million francs for ARVs in a bid to offset possible big changes in the treatment.

02 december 2008 03:46:00

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