Moi threatens to sue Kenyan govt for defamation

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Former President Daniel arap Moi of Kenya on Wednesday threatened to sue the Kenyan government for alleged defamation after the parliamentary select committee decided to probe the 1990 death of former foreign minister Robert Ouko who died in mysterious circumstances.
Ouko is believed to have been murdered but nobody was ever brought before a court of law to answer the murder charges during Moi's rule.
Through lawyer Mutula Kilonzo, Moi claimed that the inquiry was a scheme hatched by President Mwai Kibaki's regime to portray the former leader and senior members of his administration as being behind the murder that shook the entire Kenyan nation and threatened to bring his government to an abrupt end.
The inquiry is currently sitting in London where it has been gathering evidence from a former Scotland Yard detective, John Troon, who was hired by the Moi government to investigate the grisly murder.
Troon, who was not allowed to complete his investigations in Kenya, was eventually asked to leave the country, apparently after his investigations linked Ouko's murder to top-ranking officials, some of them close to Moi.
Ouko, who apparently fell out with his fellow officials over his tough anti-graft stand, was found murdered in a bushy hill near his rural home in Koru in western Kenya.
According to Moi's lawyer, the charges against the commission will range from defamation to disrespect of a former head of state.
Kilonzo also claimed the witnesses -- Marten Troon and Marianne Brinner, a Swiss businessperson who on Tuesday claimed to have had an affair with Moi and other prominent Kenyans -- were politically motivated and out to tarnish his client's name.
Brinner, testifying in London, sent shock waves in Kenya when she claimed she had intimate relationships with Moi and a number of influential ministers in his ousted government.

23 فبراير 2005 16:02:00

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