Moi in talks with Somalia President

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi has expressed the hope that the transitional national government in Somalia would serve as a basis for reconciliation among the country's leaders.
Reconciliation with leaders with divergent views was vital in order to build a strong united and peaceful Somalia, Moi was quoted by the presidential press unit as saying.
Moi was speaking in Nakuru, 157 km west of Nairobi after holding lengthy discussions with the visiting President of Somalia, Abdikassim Hassan Salat.
Salat had jetted into Nairobi Wednesday to confer with the Kenyan leader on the intricate peace process in his strife-torn country.
Moi said he was ready to meet with other Somali leaders willing to discuss peace "as soon as possible".
He said that Kenya was willing to do whatever was possible to restore normality in the country.
Moi re-affirmed the need for Somali leaders to commit themselves to the larger interest of peace security and stability of their country.
He observed that peace would enable the population to pursue their economic activities and the return of refugees and displaced persons.
Somalia fell into anarchy in 1991 following the overthrow of the then strongman, Mohamed Siad Barre by factions opposed to his dictatorial rule.
Clan-based warlords then took over and divided the country, including Mogadishu the capital, into fiefdoms.
The former British Somaliland seceded to form what is today known as the Republic of Somaliland, which has not yet won diplomatic recognition from any quarter.
In August 2000, a transitional government was installed through the efforts of Djibouti, Somalia's northern neighbour.
Salat, who once served as former foreign minister under Barre became President.
Clan-based warlords rejected the transitional government outright, although a majority of Somalia nationals accepted it.

17 may 2001 15:22:00

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