Moi calls for objectivity in news reporting

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi on Thursday asked the international press to be accurate and objective while reporting events about his country.
Complaining about unfair news coverage, Moi asked foreign correspondents to always confirm the accuracy of information before sending their dispatches.
"There seems to be a deliberate effort on the part of news organisations to blow minor incidents out of proportion while ignoring achievements attained over the years in many areas," he complained.
Moi who was launching the Voice of America (VOA) new FM facility for Africa in Nairobi told the foreign media not to make Kenya their "punching bag".
"Due to the negative and skewed reportage, tourists have now run away (from Kenya)," the President remarked.
Moi said that accurate news and information about the state of the world economy, new advancement in technology and society in general were important for the continent to develop.
He said that his government recognised the important role played by the media in social-economic development of the society.
He disclosed that the authorities had issued 10 television and 18 radio licenses, and currently, a large number of the print and electronic media concerns are operating in the country.
"We have taken these measures because we are committed to a free press," Moi said, adding that the commitment was reflected by the large number of foreign media organisations operating from Nairobi.
Moi described the VOA as "one of the leading international broadcasters in the world" and lauded the management for choosing to establish a base in Nairobi.
Moi observed that VOA had therefore a "serious social responsibility that should not be taken lightly" and hoped that its presence in Nairobi would enhance "quality and accuracy" of information about Kenya and Africa.
VOA joins the British Broadcasting Corporation which also has an FM relay station in Kenya.

15 june 2001 08:18:00

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