Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe’s tomorrow brighter than yesterday

Harare, Zimbabwe (PANA) – Declaring the end of Zimbabwe’s election on Sunday, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa said he has been inspired by the collective hopes of his compatriots and urged them to unite and work for a brighter future.

It is time for Zimbabweans to shift focus towards the future, the president said in his inauguration speech at the National Sports Stadium.

“We held the much anticipated 2018 Harmonised General Elections, in accordance with our laws and guided and informed by the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Elections as well as the AU Declaration on Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa.  

“These were elections in which all parties were free to campaign in all areas of the country; elections in which competing ideas were discussed and debated, freely and openly.

“Let me assure you that tomorrow is brighter than yesterday. Let us now focus on the journey ahead, a journey of prosperity in the new Zimbabwe…… Now that elections are behind us, we will focus on economic transformation and promote investment in Zimbabwe from across the world. Now is the time for us all to unite and grow our economy……… transform Zimbabwe into a middle income economy… from corruption by 2030,” he said.

“The Zimbabwe we want is a shared one and transcends political party lines…..I am driven and inspired by your collective hopes, dreams and aspirations…….. I am a President for all, I am a servant leader and anyone who will occupy public office must also be a servant of the people, they must be humble,” Mr. Mnangagwa emphasized.

He pledged that his government will ensure service delivery and accountability on the part of officials and local authorities.

“Bottlenecks, unnecessary delays and corruption have no place in my administration. My administration will not watch as people suffer due to dereliction of duty by people in local authorities.”

Mr. Mnangagwa said infrastructure development in transport, health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation sectors will drive economic transformation in the country.

On the August 1 post-election violence that saw the death of six people in Harare, the President promised to soon announce members to a commission of inquiry who will publish their report soon after concluding their task.

“The isolated and unfortunate incident of violence that reared its ugly head on 1 August 2018 was regrettable and most unacceptable. Such conduct should be alien and vile to our nature, culture and traditions as the Zimbabwean people,” he said

President Mnangagwa also read out a congratulatory message from former president Robert Mugabe, who sent his daughter Bona and her husband Simba Chikore to the event on behalf of the family.

He told Zimbabweans that the successful realisation of their shared Vision 2030 will require concerted and the disciplined implementation of radical economic reforms targeted at attracting and facilitating foreign and domestic investments in line with the reality that “Zimbabwe is open for business”.

The national Vision is to transform Zimbabwe into a middle income economy, with increased investment, decent jobs, broad based empowerment, free from poverty and corruption by 2030.  

“Through the engagement and re- engagement policy, we are opening a new chapter in our relations with the world, underpinned by mutual respect, shared principles and common values. We look forward to playing a positive and constructive role as a free, democratic, transparent and responsible member of the family of nations,” he said.  

“Internally, we will speed up the efforts to improve the ease and cost of doing business and economic competiveness. Measures will be put in place to promote domestic savings in support of the national developmental agenda. Furthermore, necessary steps will be taken to create fiscal space through rationalisation and cost cutting measures.”

He promised to accelerate industrialisation, modernisation and mechanization in the next five ears, with greater emphasis on market driven policies.

“Building on the achievements in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure and tourism, as a result of the deliberate polices we made in the last nine months, my Government will consolidate the growth of the economy,” he stated.

Inspired by their national anthem, President Mnangagwa said nothing is beyond his people’s reach provided they work together. “With love and unity, we will reach the Promised Land, we will build the Zimbabwe we all want, brick upon brick, stone upon stone,” he added.
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