Ministers receive symbolic African citizens' passports

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- A group of civil society organisations has issued symbolic 'African citizens' passports to African Ministers attending the Executive Council meeting of the AU which opened Thursday in Accra, Ghana as a way of sensitising African leaders to recognise African citizenship as a precursor to attaining a United States of Africa.
"The green passport, which adopts the official colour of the AU, is a call to African governments to ease the restrictions on travel for African citizens across the continent," the group, which includes Oxfam and Actionaid, said in a statement.
"The abolition of travel visas would be the first step in the adoption of a Protocol on free movement of persons, goods and services in Africa," it said.
The organisations said they intended to raise the profile of African citizenship in the proposal to establish a union government, which is the sole agenda of the 9th ordinary summit of African leaders scheduled 1-3 July in Accra.
"The passport is a response to a growing demand by African citizens for an easing of restrictions on travel within Africa by African governments as a pre-condition for African citizenship," they said.
The symbolic passport, which carries an Africa logo, contains a call on the African governments to "allow the bearer to freely pass, trade, work and reside in all parts of Africa with full rights, entitlements and responsibilities of citizenship".

28 june 2007 19:26:00

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