Minister wants youth involved in anti-AIDS fight

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- Mozambican Youth Minister Joel Libombo Sunday called on the youth in the country to join forces in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS.
Speaking in Maputo at the opening of the Youth Week, leading up to the celebration of the International Youth Day 12 August, the Minister said young people should be aware that AIDS exists, and that it is undermining the socio-economic and cultural development of many countries.
"The youth must join hands to counter the progression of HIV-AIDS, which has no known vaccine or cure," the national mews agency (AIM) quoted Libombo as saying, adding that young people were the main victims of the pandemic.
Awareness campaign and sporting activities are lined up as part of the anti-AIDS drive.

05 august 2001 18:46:00

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