Minister wants racial transformation of South African sports

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South Africa's Sports and Recreation Minister Ngconde Balfour has warned that he could introduce laws to enforce racial transformation in sports if teams in the country fail to take action.
Addressing the National Assembly in Cape Town Tuesday, Balfour said he was concerned about the image South Africa was carrying to the rest of the world when its teams were not representative of the different race groups.
"While our flags that fly in the sports arenas of the world generate considerable pride and serve as a good marketing tool for our country, spectators are still left confused about whether it is a team from Europe or one from Africa.
"Very often, European teams are more integrated than teams from our country.
Surely, this must be an indictment to all of us who are committed to a new South Africa based on inclusiveness, equality and fairness," he said.
The Minister said his patience was being "stretched to the limit" and he could be forced to consider enforcing racial quotas.
"I have so far resisted the option of legislating on sports transformation, offering national federations instead, to reconsider their own options for driving the initiative in their structures.
We must transform, there is no alternative," the Minister stressed.

09 april 2003 10:31:00

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