Minister urges parliament to support children's movement

Windhoek- Namibia (PANA) -- The problem of HIV/AIDS, violence, abuse, neglect poverty, hunger and disease continued to negatively affect Namibian children, said Woman Affairs and Child Welfare Minister Netumbo NandiNdaitwah Wednesday.
Introducing the Global Movement for Children (GMC) in parliament, she urged the house to support the movement in the interest of the country's children.
The GMC, NandiNdaitwah said, is a force for change that is seeking to involve all citizens of the world be they at home, in community or at regional level by drawing attention to the specific needs and issues of children both in public and private lives.
NandiNdaitwah urged all stakeholders to prepare a better future for all the children.
"The strategy is, as adults, we are not only going to make things to happen for the children but we are going to change the world with them as well.
" She said that children needed attention, care, love and to be listened to.
"The campaign is a challenge to all people of the world to pledge for the well-being and better future for children.
Children have a right to protection in whatever circumstance," she said.
She added: "We, the lawmakers and the public, have a challenge before us.
Due to HIV/AIDS and other causes of death, the number of orphans is increasing.
We need a formula that will enable children to feel protected and loved.
" NandiNdaitwah urged her colleagues in the House to not only to commit themselves to signing the "Say Yes for Children" pledge but to take action now in order to give children a better future, including provisions of a conducive environment for their mental, emotional and physical development.
More than 2.
5 million pledges have been registered in the first six weeks since the launching of the movement in April this year, according to the minister.
The MPs will launch the GMC in Namibia on 15 June, the eve of the Day of the African Child.

13 june 2001 22:14:00

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