Minister says HIV/AIDS endangers Namibians

Windhoek- Namibia, (PANA) -- The HIV/AIDS pandemic could wipe out the entire Namibian society unless urgent preventative measures are taken, a government minister warned in Windhoek Sunday.
HIV/AIDS has become the principal public health problem in Namibia with current statistics revealing that one in every four Namibians is HIV/AIDS positive.
"Despite such frightening statistics people seem not to have realised that the disease is real," deputy minister of Higher Education, Hadino Hishongwa, said at the official launch of the northern Oshikoto Regional Youth AIDS Conference.
He reminded youth leaders from all constituencies of the Region that adolescents faced various health problems due to the combination of biological, psychological and social changes they have to undergo during puberty.
Such problems, he said, emanate from early unprotected and irresponsible sexual behaviour caused by lack of accurate and appropriate information on sexual and reproductive issues.
He said education plays a major role in disseminating the correct information to youths who comprise some 72 percent of Namibia's population.
"We have a vision statement of Namibia as an enlightened learning society in which all our learners, families, educators, non-governmental partners and leaders share responsibility for the building of an AIDS free education environment," he said.
Namibia is reported to be third among countries most affected with HIV/AIDS.

06 august 2001 08:31:00

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