Minister says Guinea Bissau is safe

Bissau- Guinea Bissau (PANA) -- Information Minister Joaquim Balde said Wednesday that Guinea Bissau is peaceful and safe, debunking a recent security warning by US State Department to Americans not to travel to the country.
The State Department had in a release said that despite the end of the civil war that devastated Guinea Bissau in 1998, the country was still politically "unstable and dangerous," while the danger of landmines persisted.
But Balde, who is also government spokesman said the American statement referred to "a recent past," assuring that the situation had returned to normal, and that public institutions now "run smoothly.
" "Parliament is currently working on the political problems that affect the country," the Minister said, adding that foreign envoys have been presenting their credentials to President Koumba Yala.
Officials in Bissau, said Guinea Bissau-US diplomatic relations, which went frosty following the civil war, have normalised.

02 may 2001 20:34:00

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