Minister propagates French language in Bata

Malabo- Equatorial Guinea (PANA) -- At the behest of Infrastructure minister Teodoro Nguemo Obiang (son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema), more than 10,000 French dictionaries have been distributed in primary and secondary schools in Bata, the country's second largest city located on the mainland.
The move, State radio indicated Friday, was aimed at entrenching knowledge of French in schools in the former Spanish colony.
Nguemo Obiang is perfectly fluent in French, the source indicated.
The distribution of the dictionaries, which started early this week is directed at more than 120 public schools, the radio said.
With a population of just over million inhabitants, Equatorial Guinea joined the Francophonie in 1988 and ten years later adopted French as the country's second official language, after Spanish.

28 mai 2004 21:49:00

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