Migiro tasks member states on gender equality

New York- US (PANA) -- The UN Deputy Secretary-General, Asha-Rose Migiro, has cal led on UN member states to close the gap between the formulation of laws and the realities of gender inequity.
Migiro made the call at the UN General Assembly meeting held to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Platform of Action, in New York on Wednesday.
"We need to be self-critical; we need to close the gap between law, policy and a spiration on the one hand and the daily realities for billions of women and girl s on the other.
"We need to acknowledge and address the many shortfalls and challenges we have.
"From Bangkok to Banjul, the regional review meetings have highlighted where we need to intensify all our efforts,'' Migiro said.
She stressed the need for member states to promote womenâ?s economic empowermen t by increasing womenâ?s access to economic and financial resources as well as s ocial protection systems.
The deputy scribe also called for increase in womenâ?s participation in all are as of decision-making, as well as eradicate discriminatory policies and practice s .
"Sensitivity to gender must feature in policy-making, budgeting and data collect ion.
Women need better access to health services, including reproductive health, " she stressed.
Calling for the total elimination of violence against women and girls, Migiro sa id it was the least punished crime in the world.
"We must eliminate violence against women and girls.
This is the most common, mo st shameful and least punished crime in the world.
â?â? She said in the past 15 years, understanding had grown, showing that the empower ment of women and girls was not just a goal in itself but was key to all our int e rnational development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.
Recalling the impact of recent multiple global crises on women and girls, Migiro said this had further heightened the understanding and called for a rethink of p ast policies and strategies for growth and development.
She also recalled that over the years, the Assemblyâ?s resolutions on women in development and violence against women had been groundbreaking.
"This year, the Assembly is working to realise a long-held dream: the establishm ent of a composite entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women.
The Deputy Secretary-General said that a new and well-funded gender entity that would allow the UN system to better support member states to achieve gender equa l ity and the empowerment of women and girls was being put in place.
"We are all determined to finish the task set out in Beijing,â?â? she added.
Migiro called on all member states to go the extra mile in achieving gender equi ty and women empowerment.
"At this session, throughout the year and at the MDG Summit in September, let ou r actions be guided by the principle of equality between women and men as outlin e d in the Charter.
"Let us achieve development and peace for all women and girls, everywhere, she s aid.

03 march 2010 17:00:00

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