Midwife becomes first Comoran woman MP

Moroni- Comoros (PANA) -- A midwife from Mitsamiouli village, Mrs Djoueria Abdallah made history by becoming the first woman to join the Comoran Union parliament.
She replaced the previous legislator in her constituency, Houmed Msaidié, who has been appointed minister.
Mrs Abdalla was Msaidie's supporting candidate in the previous parliamentary elections.
While Mrs Sittou Raghadadat Mohamed was elected for Ouani constituency in Anjouan in the 1990s, she did not seat in the national assembly because the then President Said Mohamed Djohar appointed her into his cabinet.
Djouéria Abdallah attributed the low representation of women on the political scene to the fact that politics in the archipelago is an extension of the traditional male-dominated "Bangwe" management of public affairs, which excludes women.
"This is a battle ahead for Comoran women to secure their rightful place in society," said the new MP, who believes her 20-year experience in hospitals as a midwife had made her an informed observer of the problems facing women in the Indian Ocean archipelago.
"I will fight for the development and protection of the family against diseases and its wellbeing and education as well for "the consolidation of national reconciliation".

02 august 2004 13:06:00

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