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MINUSMA reiterates its concern about the security situation in Central Mali

Bamako, Mali (PANA) - The Multidimensional Integrated Mission for the Stabilisation of Mali (MINUSMA) has reiterated its concern about the security situation in central Mali, marked particularly by the increase in attacks with improvised explosive devices, targeting vital infrastructure such as bridges, civilians, as well as the Malian Defence and Security Forces.

The UN Mission on Thursday issued a statement in which the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Mali, El-Ghassim Wane said: "I strongly condemn these criminal acts. I reiterate the solidarity of MINUSMA with Mali and the populations affected by the insecurity." 

Faced with this situation, MINUSMA, in close coordination with the Malian military authorities, reacted promptly, deploying peacekeepers in the framework of the "Buffalo" operation, which is taking place in coordination with the Malian Armed Forces to  provide security and protection to the local population in Central Mali.

It aims to improve security and restore free movement on the Sévaré - Bandiagara (Centre) National Road.

MINUSMA peacekeepers based in Sevaré have been conducting regular patrols since the beginning of September, accompanied by the establishment of checkpoints, to help secure bridges and users of this important road, the statement said.

It added that these ground operations are periodically reinforced by helicopter and drone surveillance flights.

According to the statement, MINUSMA military engineers have carried out an assessment of the condition of the bridges that have been sabotaged, which has made it possible to specify the repair work to be done on this vital infrastructure.

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