Meeting opens in Tripoli to discuss peace in Sudan

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Experts involved in the Libyan- Egyptian initiative for peace in Sudan started meeting Monday in Tripoli under the chairmanship of the move's co-ordinator, Soleiman Chhoumi and the Egyptian deputy foreign minister, Rafik Khalil.
Sources close to the conference said the experts are examining the different clauses of the initiative sponsored by Cairo and Tripoli, as well as the basis and principles for its implementation.
According to a Libyan diplomatic source, the meeting will draw a timetable for holding a national reconciliation conference under the initiative.
The meeting also reviewed the reactions of different Sudanese parties towards the initiative.
Informed sources said that the committee will submit its conclusions to the next ministerial meeting to be held in Cairo on 9 September.
That meeting would be attended by the Libyan Secretary of the People's Committee for the African Union (minister), Dr Ali Triki as well as the Egyptian and Sudanese foreign ministers, Ahmed Maher and Mustapha Othman Ismail, respectively.
On Sunday, members of the special committee had met with Dr Ali Triki, who reiterated the need to accelerate the implementation of the initiative so as to end the bloodshed in Sudan and pave the way for development and progress in that country.
Triki welcomed the endorsement of the initiative by both the Sudanese government and the opposition, saying this would expedite its implementation.
This Libya/Egypt peace initiative envisages the creation of a provisional coalition government in which the ruling party and all the opposition forces would participate.
It also provides for the organisation of a national reconciliation conference, which would prepare a new constitution.
The Libyan leader, Col.
Moammar Khadafi, has made considerable efforts to expedite the implementation of the peace plan so as to end the civil war that has been raging in southern Sudan since 1983.

27 august 2001 21:45:00

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