Meeting calls for epidemiological surveillance of HIV

Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso (PANA) -- French-speaking African countries have been urged to adopt and carry out a second generation surveillance strategy to stop the spread of HIV infections.
A weeklong meeting on the intensification of HIV surveillance in African francophone countries ended Friday in Ouagadougou calling on those countries to include the trategy in national plans for fighting HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.
Participants of the meeting also called for the involvement of countries in the development of tools by the WHO/UNAIDS working group on HIV/AIDS/STD surveillance, including the review of surveillance data.
They emphasised that appropriate measures should be taken in every country to guarantee, control and evaluate the quality of work of their medical laboratories.
The WHO representative in Burkina Faso, Dr.
Mohamed Hacen, said epidemiological surveillance could provide political and health policy makers with the tools necessary to launch appeals, mobilise resources and evaluate the progress made.
The meeting, jointly organised by WHO and UNAIDS in collaboration with several research organisations, was attended by about 60 experts from 24 French-speaking African countries.

12 may 2001 17:00:00

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