Media watchdog denounces Tunisian party's threats against journalists

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - Media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RWB), has denounced the decision of Tunisian religious party Ennahdha to prosecute journalists and media houses considered as "hostile".

At the end of the meeting of its executive committee, the Ennahdha party announced in a statement issued last Saturday that it would henceforth prosecute all journalists and media houses conducting "smear campaigns".

However, RWB said in a statement on Monday that "it is necessary to restate that journalists play a central role for the future of democracy and must be able to carry out their mission independently without fear of being prosecuted." Ennahdha is the ruling coalition in the North African country.

Similarly, the National Union of Tunisian Journalists stated on Monday in a statement that threats against journalists and incitement against them or to sue in order to scare them are nothing other than to terrorize them to force them to be quiet and restrict the margins for freedom of speech.

Tunisia is ranked 97th on the RWB press freedom table.
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13 février 2018 11:50:52

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