Mbeki criticised over remarks at NGO Forum

Durban- South Africa (PANA) -- South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), Wednesday expressed disappointment that President Thabo Mbeki did not celebrate the country's successful transition to non-racial democracy in his opening speech at Tuesday's NGO Forum in Durban.
The Forum is ahead of the World Conference Against Racism, which opens Friday at the South African port city.
The DA said the country was chosen to host the Conference because South Africans overcame their racist past together and should serve as an inspiration to the world.
"President Mbeki expanded the two nations approach used by the ANC (the ruling African National Congress) to justify black hegemony and black advancement into a two worlds model, .
with a very specific black-white emphasis, all but ignoring the rich variety of nations represented by NGOs attending this Forum," DA spokesperson Dene Smuts charged.
Smuts said a gathering like the World Conference Against Racism should be for the benefit of all the world's disadvantaged people and not for power lobbies.

29 august 2001 16:06:00

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