Mauritius to host conference on Madagascar’s reconstruction

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) – Mauritian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and International Trade, Arvin Boolel, Thursday in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, expressed his country’s willingness to host a conference for the reconstruction of the conflict-stricken  Madagascar.

"Madagascar must be the granary of the whole Indian Ocean given its huge potentials. The Indian Ocean Commission wishes to hold a donors’ conference to find a way out the crisis in Madagascar and we are willing to host the event," Boolel told journalists, underlining his country’s attachment to the rehabilitation of Malagasy economy "rocked" by four years of political crisis.

He said: "We Mauritians would like to help Madagascar find the place it used to have within the Indian Ocean. Let me remind you that Mauritius ranks third in the list of investors in Madagascar, a position we would like to improve," said Boolel.

Madagascar’s economy, including agriculture, services and foreign investments, collapsed due to recurrent political crises.

Besides, the country has suffered difficult relations with financial institutions such the IMF and the World Bank.

25 janvier 2013 17:10:10

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