Mauritius launches National AIDS Plan

Port Louis- Mauritius (PANA) -- Mauritius Friday launched a National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2001/2005, designed to prevent new infections and step up care for patients.
Unveiling the Plan, Deputy Premier Paul Berenger said drastic measures were needed to prevent a major catastrophe.
He said the government would now offer anti-retroviral drugs to all those already suffering from the disease.
Until now, only pregnant women and their babies were treated with the drugs.
"The Plan has several objectives - to generate an environment conducive to effective HIV/AIDS control, reduce new infections among high-risk groups, reduce vulnerability among youth and children, and to reduce vulnerability of the business sector and workplace, including the tourism sector," Berenger said.
The Plan also seeks to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV, improve utilisation of sexually-transmitted infection services, provide care and support to people infected, and reduce poverty as vulnerability and risk factors of HIV/AIDS.
It would also strengthen surveillance and research, contribute to regional co-operation among Indian Ocean Islands and strengthen institutional set-up for management and co-ordination of the national response to HIV/AIDS.
Mauritius recorded its first AIDS case in 1987.
Official records show that of the 312 people so far infected in the country, 68 have died.

17 august 2001 17:18:00

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