Mauritius launches 'Observatory for Parenthood'

Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) - Mauritius has launched an Observatory for Parenthood, which is  a collaborative platform for the exchange of information among parenthood supporting stakeholders across the island, official sources said on Wednesday.

Mauritian Gender Equality Minister Mrs Roubina Jadoo-Jaunbocus said that the family unit is an essential vehicle through which social, cultural and moral values are transmitted and preserved.
“The role of families across the world is important as it helps in bringing a sense of stability in any country, she said.  It is necessary to provide support to families to raise their children and the Ministry has a major role in elaborating policies to ensure the welfare of families and that is why the Observatory for Parenthood has been set up”, she emphasised.
According to the Minister, parents require particular attention, time and preparation to take up the responsibility of parenthood.  
“There are a lot of support systems that exist across the world to help parents in this field and therefore it is essential to support parents in Mauritius to face challenges related to parenthood and future issues that may crop up”, she added.

The Minister pointed out that this platform will bring together all stakeholders working on issues related to the welfare of families and parenthood to develop a common strategy to better assist families and parents across Mauritius.  
“The exchanges will enable the formulation of adequate policies in the future in the field of parenthood and family welfare”, she said.

It is expected that in the long run the Parenthood Observatory will become a hub in the Indian Ocean region.
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