Mauritius: Musical piracy dominates headlines in Mauritius

Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) – Musical piracy, whereby unscrupulous vendors copy the works of local artists and sell them to the public at large, dominated the media headlines this week in Mauritius.

This followed protests by artists, police raids and the arrest of a few vendors.

All this culminated into a protest march by artists Friday on the streets of the capital where they asked for “a revival of the art industry” and that “artists may earn a living out of their art.”

The daily Le Mauricien wrote that a great number of people responded to the call from artists for this march against piracy.

"Artists from different fields, politicians, social workers and athletes all showed their solidarity with the artists in this struggle against piracy," according to the daily.

Talking to the Le Matinal daily, one of the artists, Bruno Raya, said he finds that local artists are neglected.

"Bruno Raya underlined that many people record the music on their mobiles and play them in public," writes the daily.

Raya wants a tax to be introduced on the sale of mobiles that can record and playback music. He also asked the government to stop the use of internet platforms that allow the downloading of music.

On its part, the daily Le Défi reports a statement by Jean-Jacques Arjoon, chairperson of the Association of Mauritian Authors and Composers (AMAC), who said that "art and culture should become an affair of the State".

In the same publication, Raya says this struggle is not for musicians, composers and others only "but for all artists, painters, sculptors or authors".

Another item that hits the headlines this week in Mauritius is the complaint by craft artists about their future of their sector that is facing severe competition from imports.

L’express writes that the secretary of the Arts and Crafts Manufacturers Association of Mauritius (ACMAM), Jacques Joseph Claude, met with Business and Cooperatives Minister Sunil Bholah, to whom he filed the complaints from the craft artists.

"Because of imports, we are forced to reduce the prices of our stuff," he said, according to L’express.

On the same subject, Le Mauricien reports a statement from Minister Sunil Bholah who said that "the government will take care of the handicraft sector if it is sick.”

Still in Le Mauricien, the director of SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority), Pahlaj Servansingh, said "craft artists should be realistic, the world is evolving, economic barriers are falling, we cannot win on all the fronts."

The media also reported two incidents that involved French citizens visiting the island.

In the first case, as reported by “Le Matinal, a 46-year-old Frenchman was arrested at the airport for having made a bad joke to security officers when he said he was carrying a bomb in his bag.

In the second incident, two French tourists, a man and a woman, fell out into the sea while they were taking pictures standing on a huge rock. Their bodies were found several hours later.
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