Mauritius: Mauritius introduces National Plan of Action for Nutrition

Port Louis, Mauritius (PANA) – Mauritius will intends to introduce soon a National Plan of Action for Nutrition for the period 2016 to 2020, an official of the Health and Quality of Life Ministry here told PANA on Saturday.

Main objectives of the plan are to promote appropriate diets and healthy lifestyles, including raising the consumption of fruits and vegetables by two-fold, decreasing the consumption of oils, saturated fats and trans-fatty acids by 5%.

It also aims to protect consumers through improved food quality and safety, enforcement of food regulations, consumer education; and prevent specific micro-nutrient deficiencies, particularly minimising anaemia.

According to the same official, aggressive sensitisation campaigns will be mounted on risks associated with overweight and obesity, and the benefits of adopting healthy lifestyles.

Dietary recommendations for adults for the prevention of chronic diet-related diseases based on the World Health Organization’s population nutrient intake goals will also be established.

The country's Non-Communicable Diseases Survey Report 2015 showed that the prevalence of diabetes in Mauritius in 2015 stood at 22.8% as compared to 23.6% in 2009, while the prevalence of pre-diabetes for the same period has declined from 24.4% to 19.4%.
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